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Where's the forum gone?

Hey everyone. If you're here, then you probably tried visiting the forum. I ended up removing it in the evening of 21st May 2018 for a few reasons:

  1. I'd been ignoring it. For the past several weeks, I'd been ignoring the forum. I'd not really been using it, and when I did there was one thing that always needed dealing with:
  2. Spam. There was an amazing amount of spam I had to manually delete. Now, I'd set up some things to help minimise it (in terms of minimising automating registration), but ultimately everytime I logged on there was several dozen posts that needed looking at and the forums seemed to get so little legitimate traffic that those posts was always spam that needed deleting. The reason you never saw those posts was because every account's first post had to be manually approved before the account couldhave unfettered access to posting. And each freshly made account would post half a dozen times or more. So it became an onslaught of work for little to no pay off. Plus, combined with the ignoring of the forums, the posts that needed checking just piled up.
Will the forums ever return? Maybe. If people want me to make the forums again, feel free to reach out and I can definitely look into restarting them, and look into other ways of reducing spam being submitted to the site.
In the meantime, if you want to talk about the site or anything I post here, there is a Discord available. Plus, I have a Twitter if you have any questions/comments/etc.

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